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Cocoa Turmeric Delight

candy, cocoa, orange
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This tea is so much more than just a cup of hot water and a bag of leaves. It’s rich, full of flavor, and tastes almost like candy. With puerh tea and turmeric, it contains the perfect blend of ingredients to lower bad cholesterol, aid digestion, and fight off viral infections. This blend also contains cacao and orange peel giving it a delightful flavor.

Ingredients: Organic orange peel, organic cacao nibs, organic puerh, organic turmeric, organic pepper, natural flavors

Tasting Notes: Candy, Cocoa, Orange

Origin: United States

Amount: 2 ounces

In stock

Weight 2 oz

Small (2oz)

2 reviews for Cocoa Turmeric Delight

  1. Kassidi Blanchard

    When I first got this tea, I was a little hesitant, as I am not the biggest fan of orange. The smell is definitely stronger than the taste in my opinion, however the taste is very refreshing. All of the factors and ingredients they put in combine very well.

  2. Kassidi Blanchard

    Flavors blend very well together!! Refreshing and would be good hot or cold

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I've been drinking The People's Matcha for several months now and absolutely love it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for natural energy that won't leave you feeling drained later in the day!

Mona N. - Clinical Psychologist